My love of cooking and entertaining, coupled with years of working in poorly designed kitchen spaces, is what prompted me to begin my kitchen design business almost two decades ago. I believe that the kitchen is the most important space in a house. It is the heart of every family home.

When a kitchen design is put together properly the resulting kitchen will not only please the cook, it will also create a gathering spot for family and friends where countless meals and cherished life long memories will be created. In the beginning, my focus was on the kitchen. As the years pass and I continue on this fantastic design journey, I have evolved into a much more comprehensive designer. I have completed, and am currently involved in, many whole house remodeling projects and home designs.

One thing I learned through my years of experience is how important fabrication and installation of quality cabinets is to the success of the home remodel or new build project. No design drawing, no matter how beautiful, can withstand the disappointment of poor quality cabinets.

I spent my early design years creating beautiful kitchen floor plans only to be disappointed by the quality of cabinetry that was ultimately installed in the home from manufactured catalog style cabinets as well as working with cabinet builders that fabricated cabinets in local shops.

It wasn't until I met Ken Griffith, a local custom cabinet builder who has worked for years in the cabinet industry, that I was truly proud of the quality of cabinetry that is being installed for our clients to enjoy long after a project is compelte. Ken not only has a great sense of design and proportion, but also shares a love of cooking. Ken has many years of cooking experience that include countless cooking lessons with professional chefs as well as completing an extensive culinary course resulting in his receiving a professional chef's certificate. Ken's love of cooking lends itself well to the understanding of how a kitchen should function. Ken and I have worked together exclusively for fifteen years and have completed countless beautiful and successful projects.