I may sound a bit over zealous, but I truly do believe that "the heart of every home is the kitchen." I worked in ordinary, ill planned kitchens, long enough to know what does NOT work, especially when you love to cook and entertain, as I do.

Many of my clients don't cook, but they still want something beautiful to look at every day. I build kitchens that are beautiful to admire, function efficiently for great cooks, and are built with superior materials and components. Then when installed they are fitted to the tightest possible tolerances, which means these high functioning, beautiful kitchens won't break down after a decade or two. I put my heart into the heart of your home and decades later it will show. 

For a few years, after starting my business, I relied on various local cabinet makers, but I always felt the quality standards I thought were possible were NOT being delivered. Then I met Ken Griffith. Ken was a master cabinet maker who loved to cook as I did. He studied under several notable chefs and earned a chef certificate from an online cooking course. He was as serious about perfecting the art of making and installing fine custom cabinets as he was about food.

After a couple of years we began working exclusively with each other. We now finish each other's sentences when it comes to cooking and cabinets, and our clients are the beneficiary of this great team approach.

These days about 50% to 60% of our revenue comes from whole house remodelling, and most of our business is from contractor referrals and repeat clients.  

I still believe that there is a piece of my heart in every kitchen we install.